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Writing an SEO friendly blog post should take some considerations. Make it interesting and focus on industrial topics people frequently ask such as, “How Long Does it Take to Rank in Google”, or “How much does SEO Cost?”. Know who your intended audience is before you set out to write the blog post. Are you writing for the business owner that knows little about SEO, or the more experienced SEO reader. This will determine how technical and wordy to get, or what’s most relevant to your targeted reader. Once you have determined this, consider these tips.

Keyword Research – Know what keywords or keyword phrases people are searching for the said product or service you are writing about.

Internal Linking  – Link to other posts or pages within the website. Don’t over link, however 2 -3 per post is usually a good rule of thumb.

External Linking – To add credibility to your content, link to outside resources when it makes sence. You may want to implement the no-follow attribute so not to drain your websites page authority. Keep in mind when you link to external content that you have no control over, pages can move, or websites can go down causing broken links on your site. Make sure you monitor your backlinks with SEM Rush or WEB CEO.

Add a Picture or Video –  Adding pictures and videos can not only capture your audiences attention, thus improving your page authority and rankings. We refer to this as blended content. You can tag this content with keywords and keyword phrases. Add videos to YouTube, FaceBook and Twitter.

Once you’ve completed your post, share it on Social Media sites to increase visibility and traffic. The most important thing to remember is stay consistent. You want the frequency of your posts to be equally spread out.

One more important reminder is to ensure your website is optimized for SEO. The speed of your website, the content and meta-tags will determine the terms your website will rank for.

At US Web Central we optimize websites, create images, write content and can post and optimize blog posts for you. Simply contact us and we’ll consult what is working best in your industry.